MarCum Mission SD L Underwater Camera w/ "BRUTE" Lithium Battery


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Product Overview

MarCum Mission SD L Underwater Viewing System

The Mission SD L combines MarCum’s exclusive relative direction, depth, and temperature readings with an enhanced optics system. With 75 feet of cable and an exclusive H2D Solar Intelligent Display, the Mission SD L delivers an underwater camera system designed for Total System Performance. A 7-inch, 800 x 480, high-resolution flat panel LCD delivers superior screen detail. Solar Intelligent Technology offers 100% daylight view-ability, while Color Kill Technology affords the best possible image in color or black and white. Scan the depths with power to spare, thanks to the MarCum Brute 12V10AH Lithium LiFeP04 battery and charger. On-Screen Display Technology delivers critical information like temperature, depth, and battery status, while an on-screen arrow indicator displays relative direction that the camera is pointing.



Display: 7- Inch High Resolution H2D Solar Intelligent

LCD Screen with 800x480 pixels.

OSD: On Screen Display information of Depth, Temperature, Battery Status, and Relative Camera Direction.

Camera: CMOS Camera with a .01 lux rating provides enhanced optics,

built in LED light with a 75-foot cable.

Color Kill: Allows you to switch over to Black and White mode. This feature is also automatic in low light conditions to provide a clearer and crisper picture.

Video Output: RCA video out jack


Comes With

BATTERY: Rechargeable 12-Volt 10-amp Lithium LiFeP04 battery CHARGER: 3-Stage Automatic Charger STORAGE: Deluxe Padded Red Soft Pack WARRANTY: One Year System Warranty


Weight and Dimensions

WEIGHT: 10 Pounds

HEIGHT: 7.5 Inches

WIDTH: 10 Inches

DEPTH: 10 Inches


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