MarCum ROAMER Shuttle Soft Case


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Product Overview

Serious ice-anglers demand a mobile carrying solution from their sonar that adds features, not weight. MarCum’s Roamer Shuttle is a semi-rigid case that shaves heft while highlighting innovative functions like a cable management wrap in its own compartment, tackle and tool storage, all in a ruggedized soft-pack and shuttle hybrid. The Roamer strips away the traditional gimbal style mount and the added weight by directly mounting to the slimline molded interior of the pack itself. When equipped with a MarCum Lithium LiFePO4 battery, the roamer excludes unnecessary hardware often found in existing shuttles, allowing anglers to enjoy up to 30% weight savings from traditional packs. All of which makes Roamer the lightest, highest functioning, best-engineered case on ice.


The MarCum Roamer Shuttle fits all traditional style flashers from MarCum and Vexilar.



Compact, Lightweight

Integrated Cable and Transducer Storage compartments.

Two transducer support arm hole locations.

Easy Assembly Pre-drilled Mounting Holes to Affix Gimbal Knobs (not included).

Safely Store Shuttle System in 5-gallon Transit Bucket.


Comes With

CASE: Roamer Shuttle

WARRANTY: 90 Day Warranty


Product Weight and Dimensions:

WEIGHT: 2 Pound

HEIGHT: 12 Inches

WIDTH: 10 Inches

DEPTH: 8 Inches


Inside dimensions for head unit location:

HEIGHT: 4.75 Inches (2.375 top and bottom from gimbal knob location on head unit)

WIDTH: 6.25 Inches

DEPTH: 5.25 Inches


Shipping Weight and Dimensions:

WEIGHT: 2.5 Pound

HEIGHT: 12.25 Inches

WIDTH: 10.25 Inches

DEPTH: 8.25 Inches



Compatible Products

All M-Series, LX-Series, & VX-Series Flashers

All traditional style flashers from MarCum and Vexilar


(No reviews yet) Write a Review