Marcum Pursuit HD L

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Product Overview

Marcum’s Pursuit HD L Camera sets the new standard in mobility, while adhering to technological innovations our cameras have always led with. A FULL HD image sensor (1920X1080p) offers industry-leading display precision, packing a punch in a pocket-sized 5” LCD display. Included are all of the on-screen reconnaissance details like temperature, depth, and absolute direction, along with DVR features like MP4 capability, multiple image output sizes, and cyclical recording. The image itself is so precise, it can support digital zoom, allowing anglers to gather more information on weeds or cover, fish behavior, and jigs on the far end of the wheelhouse. We’ve packaged the technology complete with a built-in cable reel and a convenient ¼”-20 port at the bottom of the unit for endless mounting options. Whether you’re mobile on ice or stationery in a fish-house, the Pursuit HD L’s rich feature set offers best-in-class tools with the functionality to benefit all anglers.



· Full HD Image Sensor (1920X1080p) – Our industry-leading sensor allows for large screen format viewing in highest resolution available anywhere via HD output cable. That makes it a dream to look at natively, and even better in the wheelhouse on a big-screen.

· 5” HD LCD - Our native display is HD as well, giving you the best clarity when viewing on the open ice. A durable LCD lid for storage is also included.

· Digital Zoom – Full HD allows for increased zoom options, offering more detail at distance than any other camera on the market.

· Integrated Camera Cord Reel – Manage 50 feet of cable easily with our integrated cable reel.

· On Screen Display (OSD) - Digital temp, depth, and absolute direction are included, offering valuable fishing and finding information, all with fully adjustable menu and system settings to boot.

· Built-In DVR – The Pursuit HD L allows you to record video in up to 3 different sizes 480p, 720p, and 1080p, and also take snapshots. Expand your recording library with massive storage up to 128 GB Micro SD card.

o MP4 format

o Cyclical record feature allows continuous recording in pre-determined intervals for easy and organized file storage

o Replay video on-screen or externally

· Fully Adjustable Camera Head Design – Enhances performance by providing optimal viewing angles under a variety of light conditions

· Camera Lights – Multiple intensities of LED and IR lighting options.

· Rechargeable Lithium Battery – The Pursuit HD L offers no less than 6 hours continuous run-time.

· Camera Soft Case – Our soft case that protects camera and LCD screen, while providing a comfortable viewing option inside.

· 1/4”-20 port at bottom of unit for multiple mounting options.

· Charging cable provided.


Comes With

CHARGER: USB/ Outlet Charger

STORAGE: Soft Pack

WARRANTY: One Year System Warranty


Weight and Dimensions

WEIGHT: 3 Pounds

HEIGHT: 6 Inches

WIDTH: 6 Inches

DEPTH: 9 Inches


Warranty Information

1 year warranty

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