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We acquired a special purchase of Suburban Forced Air Furnaces.  These are NOS, OEM units without boxes, so these DO NOT SHIP, DESPITE OUR WEB SITE OFFERING SHIPPING OPTIONS AND / OR FREE SHIPPING BASED ON CART VALUE.  Orders outside of the local area will be contacted to make pickup arrangements or cancelled. 

These furnaces include the fresh air tube and exhaust pipe/garnish plate, but do not include trim rings/duct collars, thermostats, exterior access panels, wire or molded electrical connectors.  The models available are: 

  • NT-30SP, a 30k BTU, tall-style furnace that serves as a direct replacement for many suburban and competing branded furnaces.  The furnace measures 12.5" Tall, 12" Wide and 23" Deep.  Weighs approx 35 lbs.
  • SF-35FQ, a 35k BTU, short-style furnace that measures 7-1/2” Tall x 17” Wide x 20” Deep.

We highly suggest adding as many ducts as you are able to maximize the efficiency of the furnace.  These furnaces will accept 4" duct collars and have bottom outlets if you should need them for RV applications.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review