Challenger Entry Doors in Yetti Fish House Sizes


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Price: $593.00 - $743.50
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Product Overview

These are the same Challenger Doors used on Yetti Fish Houses and other brands.  Square-cornered, mill finished frames.  White exterior panels.  2019 and older Yetti units used 32" doors, while 2020 and newer models changed to 28" entry doors.  At this time, we prefer to buy our 32" doors from Challenger and the 28" from Yetti, so we do not currently stock the 28" doors, but will order them for you and you may pick them up here when they arrive OR you may pick these doors up at the Staples, MN Yetti factory.  

These doors do not ship, despite the website allowing shipping options and even free shipping.  You MUST pick up the doors or you may purchase online in advance of a future install here at Northland Auto, but orders placed by customers must be picked up within 7 days or scheduled for future install to avoid order cancellation.

We can custom order other Challenger doors to your liking if needed.  Custom orders are subject to mimimum order amounts to avoid freight costs and you are 100% responsible for understanding exactly what you are ordering, as there are MANY options to select.  Please call with questions.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review