Marcum LITHIUM "KING" 12V 18AH LiFePO4 Battery Kit With Charger


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Product Overview

MarCum realizes that there are certain systems designed for open-water which are also run on ice. These units typically have a higher power draw designed for deep cycle batteries. The MarCum King Lithium LiFePO4 at 12V18AH delivers deep cycle performance in a compact, portable form-factor. The MarCum King is equipped with a BMS circuit that protects the battery from overcharge, over dis-charge, and short circuiting.  The performance doesn’t stop there, as the MarCum King kit is equipped with a multi-stage charger for fast initial charge, reduced-charge near full, and a maintain charge cycle to prevent overcharging. The MarCum King kit comes complete with battery, 6 AH charger, and fused charging cable. As a sportsmen, you rely on these power options to fuel your passion for the outdoors. You can trust MarCum as all of our Lithium and LiFeP04 products are tested and certified to an international quality and safety standard.


  • Lithium LiFePO4 12V18 amp battery
  • Designed for open-water systems used on ice
  • Delivered in a compact, portable form-factor
  • 4 lbs. 10 oz.
  • LiFeP04 is the optimal lithium chemistry for cold-weather performance
  • 6 AH multi-stage charger and fused charging cable
  • On-board BMS Circuit for battery management protection
  • Offers 2,000 full charge cycles
  • Safety Tested and Certified to UL 62133 standards




Voltage:                                 12.8 Vd.c.

Amp. Hours:                          18,000mAH

Watt-hours                            230

King. Charge Current:         10A    

Peak Discharge:                  10A

Terminals:                             Standard F2 Spade Terminals (6.4mm or 0.25” wide)

Lifecycles:                             2000 Full charge cycles

Operating Temperature:      -20 Degrees to +60 Degrees Celsius

Safety:                                    Contains BMS for low voltage cutoff and over charge protection. TUV tested to certification UL 62133.


Comes With

BATTERY:                             Rechargeable LiFePO4 12-Volt 18-Amp

CHARGER:                           6amp Hour Rapid Charge Charger w/ Fused Wiring Harness

WARRANTY:                        Warranted against manufacturer defects for 2,000 charge cycles to 80% full capacity with product registration.

CHARGER WARRANTY:   One Year Charging System Warranty


Weight and Dimensions

WEIGHT:                               4lbs 10oz

LENGTH:                               5-7/8 Inches

WIDTH:                                  3-7/8 Inches

HEIGHT:                                3-5/8 Inches




Replacement Parts

LPCHG123   12v3amp LiFePO4 Charger                                   857224002958

LPCHG123   12v6amp LiFePO4 Charger                                   850013782109



  • Do not immerse the battery in water or sea water. Keep the battery in a cool dry place when not in use.
  • Do not use or leave the battery near a heat source (i.e. heater, furnace, fire).
  • Use the battery charger only as directed when recharging.
  • Do not reverse the positive and negative terminals on the battery connections.
  • Do not discard the battery in a fire, furnace, or other combustible space.
  • Do not connect the battery directly to an electrical outlet.
  • Do not short –circuit the battery by directly connecting the positive and negative terminals with metal objects.
  • Do not directly solder the battery or pierce the battery with a nail or other sharp objects.
  • If the battery gives off an odor, generates heat, becomes discolored or in any way appears abnormal during use, or while charging or discharging, immediately stop using it.
  • If the battery leaks and the battery contents (electrolyte) gets into an eye, do not rub the eye. Instead, flush the eye(s) with clean water and immediately seek medical attention or it may result in injury to the eye(s).
  • Do not use the battery in a location where static electricity or magnetic fields are great or it may result in damage to the battery safety devices.
  • Do not leave the battery in high temperatures (i.e. in direct sunlight or in a vehicle in extremely hot weather) or it may overheat, and its performance will be degraded, and service life decreased.
  • Tape the battery terminals prior to disposal to insulate them as discarded batteries may cause fire or explosion.


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