RV Safe Universal Replacement CO/LP Alarm

RV Safe

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Product Overview

RV Safe Universal Replacement CO/LP Alarm

One alarm to replace almost all CO/Propane alarms

FishHouseToys ONLY carries black alarms to replace Dometic and RV Safe alarms in Yetti and Glacier Fish Houses


  • Safe-T-Alert™ 20 series, 25 series, 30 series, 35 series, 40 series, 45 series, 65 series, 70 series and 85 series
  • Most Atwood and Dometic branded CO/Propane alarms
  • Universal mounting brackets allow replacement of almost all detectors on the market Each alarm includes 2 universal mounting brackets L
  • Simple to install. No sawing or routers needed.
  • Low profile (0.57” thick) with a softly curved shape to make less obtrusive.
  • Fewer false alarms from non-threatening chemicals and gases due to highly selective carbon monoxide sensor.
  • Powered from 12VDC RV battery.
  • Reduced battery drain due to unique low power design.
  • Test / Silence button allows for easy testing of the alarm and quickly silence nuisance alarms.
  • Meets or exceeds all UL2034 and CSA 6.19-01 requirements for carbon monoxide alarms in recreational vehicles.
  • Meets or exceeds all UL1484 requirements for propane gas alarms in recreational vehicles. • Electrical Rating: 13.5VDC, 48mA typical (95mA max).
  • Alarm activates with a four beep pattern with a flashing red LED for CO gas, or a continuous beeping with a solid red LED for Propane gas. If both gases are present, the alarm will indicate Propane as it requires more immediate action.
  • Assembled with state of the art, robotic automation to produce consistently high quality and reliability.
  • Designed, tooled and assembled in the USA.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review