Rapala SmartHub™ Track System 16


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Product Overview

Rapala SmartHub accessories simply slide over the top of the SmartHub connector on the SmartHub Track and securely clicks in, giving you endless options to effortlessly interchange and adjust for your needs. Mount a single SmartHub independently on a flat surface in several locations around your wheelhouse to easily move accessories where convenient. The SmartHub also works with the SmartHub Track System 16. Simply position the SmartHub anywhere along the track, turn the red center set screw clockwise to lock or counterclockwise to unlock position and you are ready to fish.

  • Track includes 3 SmartHubs
  • Interlocking track system allows easy and secure track expansion. Mounting holes 16" and 24" on center for standard stud construction.
  • Adjustable SmartHub connectors can be positioned anywhere along the track. The red center set screw locks and holds the SmartHub in the desired location.
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Compatible with Rapala SmartHub accessories sold separately.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review