Rod Holder w/Quick-Discs by Catch Cover

Catch Cover

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Catch Cover Multi-Flex Rod Holder w/Quick-Disc wall mount

Position your ice rod perfectly.  Multi-Flex Rod Holders feature our Quick-Disc Wall Mount that allow you to swap the rod holder with our Rattlesnake Reel, Pro-Snake mounts or Cup Holder. Multi-Flex Rod Holders are also available with a c-clamp that fits onto the tubing of portable fish houses up to 1-inch in diameter. Spinning reels rest in the pivoting rod cradle that allow you to see the lightest bites without using a bobber. When a fish bites your rod tip will move up or down, signaling a strike. Your rod stays secure in the cradle, but is easy to remove when you have a fish on the line.

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review