MarCum Wireless Camera Panner System


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Product Overview

What's better than having a camera while ice fishing? Well not having to turn it by hand. The MarCum Wireless Camera Panner System is an excellent accessory for your underwater camera because it does just that. Place the new Wireless Remote Camera Panner over an ice hole and with the push of a button scan a full panoramic 360-degrees from up to 30 feet away. Fold in legs for compact travel and storage. No more wires and no more replacing batteries, the internal rechargeable lithium battery offers up to 8 hours of service between charges.



Fits all holes up to 16 "

Powered by Internal Lithium Ion Battery

Operating time: up to 8 hours of continuous use

Range of FOB: 30 feet


Comes With

Remote Key FOB

USB Power Cable

Wireless Camera Panner


Weight and Dimensions

WEIGHT:       2 Pounds

HEIGHT:        3 Inches

WIDTH:          9 Inches

DEPTH:         3.5 Inches


Compatible Products

MSD               Mission SD Underwater Viewing System            857224002866

VS485C         VS485C Underwater Viewing Syst                       857224002521

QHD               Quest HD Underwater Viewing System               857224002859

RC5                Recon 5 Underwater Viewing System                 857224002750

RC5P             Recon 5 Plus Underwater Viewing System         857224002743

PursuitHD     Pursuit HD Underwater Viewing System             857224002965


Replacement Parts

CP2FOB        Wireless Camera Panner FOB                              857224002668


(No reviews yet) Write a Review