Solar Light for Flagpole

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Product Overview

1、Use 15 - 25 ft flag poles with a 1/2"-thick rod at top
2、******Push Switch to"On" Position.********
3、Unscrew the ornament from the top of your flagpole.
4、 Replace the flagpole ornament
5、Raise your flagpole, It will light up automatically at night

- 1300 Lumens is 5x Brighter vs 250 lumens with others
- 20% More Flag Coverage (60% vs 50%) due to wider circumference of LED's
- 4500mA total rechargeable battery capacity (vs 3000mA) for 50% longer life
- Up to 18 Hours of Power. The duration depends on the amount of absorbed sunlight
- MIN. Length of Ornament Shaft or Rigged Bold required to go through our light: 1.75"
- Width of hole to fit through ornament shaft or rigged bolt: 0.5"
- 6PCS ELEGANT Solar Panels (VS. other's ugly shape)
- Material: Eco-friendly Flame retardant ABS Plastic (VS. other's PE Wasted PLASTIC SCRAP)

Only Solar Flag Light here. No flagpole, accessories, ornament, or flag is included.


(No reviews yet) Write a Review