Rattlesnake Reel w/Quick-Disc wall mount

Catch Cover

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Catch Cover Rattlesnake Reel

The Catch Cover Rattlesnake Reel is the ultimate rattle reel. New direct drive adjustable spool tension provides the correct amount of resistance whether you are fishing crappies or bigger predators. One turn of the spool equals one-foot in depth. The Multi-Flex arm design allows you to position the reel exactly where you want it (very helpful for corner holes and keeping the line from freezing to the edge of the hole.) Includes Quick-Disc Wall Mount. Additional discs allow you to move the Rattlesnake Reel from hole-to-hole or interchange with Multi-Flex Rod Holders and other Catch Cover accessories.  Use the Catch Cover Rattlesnake Reel with a Catch Cover Safety Cover so you can easily fish with the Rattlesnake while it’s tucked under your bunk while you sleep!

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review